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Sumitomo SumiMax Herbicide: Harnessing the Power of Flumioxazin for Effective Weed Control


Sumitomo SumiMax Herbicide, enriched with Flumioxazin 50% SC, emerges as a potent solution. This detailed guide delves into the intricacies of Sumitomo Sumi Max, shedding light on its features, applications, and the positive impact it can have on your crops.

Sumitomo SumiMax Herbicide: The Flumioxazin Advantage

Embark on a journey to understand the fundamentals of Sumitomo Sumi Max Herbicide, a weed control powerhouse harnessing the potential of Flumioxazin.

Decoding Flumioxazin's Action

Sumitomo SumiMax Herbicide is formulated with 50% Flumioxazin, a herbicidal compound that disrupts weed growth by inhibiting the protoporphyrinogen oxidase enzyme. This selective action ensures effective weed control without harming your crops.

The Advantages of Choosing Sumitomo SumiMax Herbicide

Embrace the benefits of Sumitomo Sumi Max Herbicide for superior weed control and a bountiful harvest.

1. Broad-Spectrum Weed Control

Experience comprehensive weed management as Sumitomo SumiMax targets a broad spectrum of weeds, including both grasses and broadleaf varieties.

2. Long-Lasting Residual Effect

Enjoy prolonged weed suppression with Sumitomo Sumi Max. Its formulation ensures a lasting impact, reducing the need for frequent applications.

3. Ease of Application

Simplify your weed control regimen with the user-friendly nature of Sumitomo Sumi Max Herbicide. The suspension concentrate formulation allows for easy mixing and application.

Application Guidelines for Sumitomo Sumi Max Herbicide

Master the art of applying Sumitomo Sumi Max to maximize weed control efficiency.

Optimal Concentration and Timing

Achieve optimal results by following recommended concentration guidelines and applying the herbicide at the right growth stages of both crops and weeds.

Pre-Emergence Application Technique

Explore the benefits of pre-emergence application, a technique that prevents weed germination and ensures early-stage control, setting the stage for a weed-free crop.

Sumitomo Sumi Max Herbicide in Action

Step into the shoes of successful farmers who have witnessed the transformative effects of Sumitomo Sumi Max.

Success Stories: Real-Life Impact

Discover real-life testimonials from farmers who have experienced remarkable weed control and crop success with Sumitomo Sumi Max Herbicide.

FAQs About Sumitomo Sumi Max Herbicide

Q: Is Sumitomo Sumi Max safe for all crops?

Yes, Sumitomo Sumi Max Herbicide is formulated to be selective, ensuring the safety of a wide range of crops.

Q: How frequently should I apply Sumitomo Sumi Max Herbicide?

Application frequency depends on factors such as weed intensity and crop type. Typically, one to two applications per season are sufficient for effective weed control.

Q: Can it be used in organic farming?

Sumitomo Sumi Max Herbicide is not certified for organic use. It is designed for conventional farming practices, providing efficient weed control.

Q: Does it pose risks to aquatic environments?

Follow recommended guidelines to minimize the risk of herbicide runoff into aquatic environments. When used responsibly, Sumitomo Sumi Max poses minimal environmental impact.

Q: Can I mix Sumitomo Sumi Max with other herbicides?

It's crucial to check compatibility before mixing herbicides. Sumitomo Sumi Max can be mixed with certain herbicides for a customized weed control approach.

Q: Is Flumioxazin harmful to beneficial insects?

When used as directed, Flumioxazin in Sumitomo Sumi Max has low toxicity to beneficial insects, making it a suitable choice for integrated pest management.


Sumitomo Sumi Max Herbicide, enriched with Flumioxazin 50% SC, stands as a reliable ally in the battle against weeds. Elevate your weed control strategies and witness the flourishing results as your crops thrive under the protective influence of this potent herbicide.