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About Product

  • Tracer Insecticide is naturalyte class of insect control, first product from naturalyte class with unique mode of action which gives superior control of insect pests with excellent crop health.

Technical Content

  • Spinosad 44.03% SC

Features And Benefits

  • Tracer insect control is based on the active ingredient Spinosad.
  • Tracer Insecticide is produced by the fermentation process from a soil actinomycete, Saccharopolyspora Spinosa, and possesses the effectiveness of conventional insecticide and the safety of biologicals.
  • Tracer is the first product in a unique class of compounds called the naturalyte class.
  • Spinosad has extremely favorable mammalian and non-target toxicology and environmental fate profile.
  • It acts as an acetylcholine receptor modulator by altering the acetylcholine receptor site and by disrupting binding.


Crops: Cotton, Red gram, Chilli, Pepper

Pests Controlled: Cotton Bollworms, Thrips, chilli Fruit borer, red gram pod borer

Dosage: 66 to 80ml/ acre in 200 liters of water for cotton and chilli

50 to 65ml/acre in 200 liters of water for red gram

(0.375 ml/liter)