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  • Marshal insecticide is a broad-spectrum insecticide that effectively controls various sucking and chewing pests through its dual contact and stomach poison action on the pest.

Technical Content - Carbosulfan 25% EC


  • Marshal insecticide is a systemic, broad-spectrum carbamate insecticide registered in more than 80 countries.
  • Marshal Insecticide unique chemistry provides superior control of pests in rice and chili to maximize yield and quality.
  • The protection provided by Marshal Insecticide helps the farmer to fight off most of the sucking and lepidopterous insect pests like aphids, thrips, hoppers, borers etc.
  • It is a board spectrum contact And stomach Insecticide use for the control of Insect Pests Or Cotton, Cabbage, Tomato, Chilli And Pigeon Pea.


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