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This multifaceted bio-fertilizer solublizes the fixed phosphorus in the soil and makes it available to the crops. Bacteria multiply very fast in the soil and this helps to improve the texture and structure of the soil. This also helps to enhance the growth of the crops and also induces resistance against various pests and diseases.

Important features/characteristics of Biola are -

1. Biola facilitates easy and early seed germination.

2. The bacteria from Biola releases organic acids in the soil which helps to decrease the pH of the soil and also helps to dissolve the fixed Phosphorous and make it available to the crops.

3. Biola initiates early and easy root development and also increases the efficiency of the roots.

4. Biola application improves the soil status and thus increases crop yield.

5. Biola application also helps to save money required for buying expensive Phosphatic fertilizers. RCF shall be introducing Azatobactor and Rhizobium culture Bio Fertilizers in near future.


Biola should be used before expiry date.

Seed treatments with pesticides may be done before applying Biola.

Biola should be stored in a cool, dry and shady area so as to keep it away from radiation.

Biola should not be mixed with pesticides & chemical fertilizers while application.

It should be used completely once packing is opened so as to retain the bacterial count in Biola.

Method of application of BIOLA for different crops:

*Note - Rcf Shall Be Introducing Azatobacter & Rhizobium Culture Bio-Fertilizers In Near Future.*