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Mastering Weed Control with IIL Hachiman Herbicide (Quizalofop 7.5% + Imazethapyr 15% EC)


IIL Hachiman Herbicide, a strategic weapon against weeds. This guide delves into the composition and applications of IIL Hachiman, showcasing its prowess in weed management.

IIL Hachiman Herbicide: An In-Depth Look

IIL Hachiman Herbicide, fortified with Quizalofop at 7.5% and Imazethapyr at 15% EC, is a robust formula for combating stubborn weeds. Let's dissect what makes IIL Hachiman an essential tool for weed control:

The Dynamic Duo in IIL Hachiman

  1. Quizalofop (7.5%): A selective herbicide, Quizalofop targets grassy weeds, inhibiting their growth and ensuring crop protection.
  2. Imazethapyr (15%): A powerful herbicide effective against broadleaf weeds, Imazethapyr broadens the spectrum of weed control.

Advantages of Using IIL Hachiman Herbicide

  1. Dual-Action Precision: IIL Hachiman targets both grassy and broadleaf weeds, ensuring comprehensive weed control.
  2. Crop Compatibility: Designed to be gentle on crops, IIL Hachiman safeguards your plants while eliminating weeds.
  3. Versatile Applications: Suitable for various crops, IIL Hachiman provides flexibility in weed management across different agricultural settings.

Applications of IIL Hachiman Herbicide

IIL Hachiman Herbicide finds its application in diverse agricultural scenarios:

  • Grain Crops: Control grassy and broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley, and oats.
  • Soybean Fields: Safeguard soybean crops from weed competition for optimal yield.
  • Rice Plantations: Manage weed growth efficiently in rice fields.

How to Use IIL Hachiman Herbicide Effectively

  1. Dosage and Dilution: Follow recommended dosage and dilution guidelines based on the target weed species and crop.
  2. Application Timing: Apply IIL Hachiman during the early stages of weed growth for maximum effectiveness.
  3. Adherence to Safety Measures: Wear appropriate protective gear during application and adhere to safety guidelines.
  4. Compatibility Testing: Before tank-mixing with other products, conduct compatibility tests to ensure optimal performance.


Is IIL Hachiman Herbicide safe for all crops?

IIL Hachiman Herbicide is designed to be compatible with various crops, but it's crucial to follow recommended application rates and guidelines for specific crops.

Can IIL Hachiman Herbicide be used in organic farming?

IIL Hachiman Herbicide contains synthetic active ingredients and is not certified for organic farming. It is suitable for conventional weed management practices.

How quickly does IIL Hachiman Herbicide show results?

Visible effects on weeds treated with IIL Hachiman Herbicide can typically be observed within a few days to weeks, depending on factors like weed type and growth stage.

Can IIL Hachiman Herbicide be applied post-emergence?

IIL Hachiman is most effective when applied during the early stages of weed growth, preferably in the pre-emergence or early post-emergence stage.

What is the shelf life of IIL Hachiman Herbicide?

When stored properly in a cool, dry place, IIL Hachiman Herbicide maintains its efficacy for an extended period. Always check the product label for specific storage instructions.


IIL Hachiman Herbicide (Quizalofop 7.5% + Imazethapyr 15% EC) emerges as a reliable partner in the battle against weeds. Its dual-action formula, crop compatibility, and versatile applications make it a go-to solution for farmers aiming for efficient weed management. Integrate IIL Hachiman into your weed control strategy and witness the difference.