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Bayer Ethrel: Boosting Plant Growth with Ethephon 39 SL 39% w/w


Bayer Ethrel, featuring Ethephon 39 SL 39% w/w, stands as a potent plant growth regulator. This guide delves into its features, applications, and significant benefits, empowering growers to enhance plant growth and maximize yields.

Bayer Ethrel: Empowering Plant Growth

Explore the fundamentals of Bayer Ethrel and its role in enhancing plant growth and development.

Unlocking the Power of Ethephon

Bayer Ethrel leverages the growth-regulating properties of Ethephon to stimulate various physiological processes in plants, promoting growth, fruit ripening, and stress response mechanisms.

Advantages of Choosing Bayer Ethrel

Discover the numerous benefits offered by Bayer Ethrel for enhancing plant growth and maximizing crop yields.

1. Promotes Uniform Fruit Ripening

Ethrel facilitates uniform fruit ripening in crops such as tomatoes, peppers, and bananas, ensuring consistent fruit quality and marketability.

2. Enhances Flowering and Fruit Set

Bayer Ethrel stimulates flowering and fruit set in various crops, leading to increased yield potential and improved overall productivity.

3. Alleviates Stress Responses

Ethrel aids in stress mitigation by enhancing plants' ability to withstand adverse environmental conditions, such as drought, heat, and salinity, resulting in healthier and more resilient crops.

Application Guidelines for Bayer Ethrel

Master the art of applying Bayer Ethrel to maximize its benefits and optimize plant growth.

Timing and Rate of Application

Apply Bayer Ethrel during specific growth stages, such as flowering or fruit development, to achieve desired effects. Follow recommended application rates based on crop type, growth stage, and environmental conditions.

Proper Application Techniques

Ensure thorough coverage of plant surfaces with Bayer Ethrel solution using appropriate spray equipment and techniques, such as foliar spraying or trunk injection, to facilitate effective absorption and translocation within the plant.

Bayer Ethrel in Action

Explore real-world examples of Bayer Ethrel's effectiveness in promoting plant growth and enhancing crop performance.

Success Stories: Real-Life Impact

Discover testimonials from growers who have experienced significant improvements in plant growth, yield, and quality after incorporating Bayer Ethrel into their cultivation practices.

FAQs About Bayer Ethrel

Q: Is Bayer Ethrel suitable for organic farming?

Bayer Ethrel is not certified for organic farming due to its synthetic nature. However, it is widely used in conventional agriculture to enhance plant growth and productivity.

Q: Can Bayer Ethrel be applied in combination with other agrochemicals?

Bayer Ethrel can be tank-mixed with certain fertilizers and pesticides, but compatibility tests are recommended to ensure efficacy and avoid adverse effects on plant health.

Q: What is the pre-harvest interval (PHI) for crops treated with Bayer Ethrel?

The pre-harvest interval (PHI) varies depending on the crop and application rate. Refer to the product label for specific instructions regarding the PHI for each crop.

Q: Does Bayer Ethrel have any phytotoxic effects on crops?

Bayer Ethrel may cause phytotoxicity if applied at excessive rates or during sensitive growth stages. It's essential to follow recommended application rates and timings to minimize the risk of phytotoxicity.

Q: How should Bayer Ethrel be stored to maintain its efficacy?

Store Bayer Ethrel in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Ensure proper sealing of containers to prevent moisture ingress and degradation of the product.


Bayer Ethrel, fortified with Ethephon 39 SL 39% w/w, offers a potent solution for enhancing plant growth and maximizing crop yields. By promoting uniform fruit ripening, enhancing flowering and fruit set, and alleviating stress responses, Ethrel empowers growers to achieve optimal crop performance and profitability.