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Adama Acemain Insecticide: Reliable Pest Control with ACEPHATE 75% SP


Adama Acemain Insecticide, with its active ingredient ACEPHATE 75% SP, is a highly effective solution for managing a wide range of insect pests in agricultural settings. This guide provides detailed insights into its features, applications, and significant benefits, helping farmers protect their crops from damaging pests.

Adama Acemain Insecticide: Comprehensive Pest Management

Explore the essential aspects of Adama Acemain Insecticide and its role in providing effective pest control for various crops.

Harnessing the Power of ACEPHATE

Adama Acemain leverages the potent insecticidal properties of ACEPHATE 75% SP to target and eliminate a broad spectrum of pests, ensuring healthier crops and improved yields.

Advantages of Choosing Adama Acemain Insecticide

Discover the multiple benefits offered by Adama Acemain for efficient pest control and enhanced crop protection.

1. Broad-Spectrum Pest Control

Adama Acemain Insecticide provides broad-spectrum control against various insect pests, including aphids, caterpillars, and beetles, ensuring cleaner fields and promoting healthy crop growth.

2. Systemic Action

The systemic action of ACEPHATE in Adama Acemain ensures that the insecticide is absorbed by the plant and translocated throughout, effectively killing pests that feed on treated plants.

3. Long-Lasting Residual Activity

Adama Acemain offers long-lasting residual activity, reducing the need for frequent applications and providing extended protection against pests.

Application Guidelines for Adama Acemain Insecticide

Master the proper application techniques for Adama Acemain Insecticide to achieve optimal pest control and maximize crop protection.

Timing and Rate of Application

Apply Adama Acemain Insecticide at the recommended rates based on pest species and crop type. For best results, target the application when pests are most active, ensuring effective coverage.

Proper Mixing and Application Techniques

Ensure thorough mixing of Adama Acemain Insecticide with water and apply uniformly using appropriate spray equipment. Adequate coverage of the target area is essential for effective pest control.

Adama Acemain Insecticide in Action

Explore real-world examples of Adama Acemain Insecticide's effectiveness in controlling pests and enhancing crop performance.

Success Stories: Real-Life Impact

Read testimonials from farmers who have successfully incorporated Adama Acemain into their pest management programs, resulting in significant improvements in pest control and crop productivity.

FAQs About Adama Acemain Insecticide

Is Adama Acemain Insecticide safe for all crops?

Adama Acemain Insecticide is labeled for use on a variety of crops. Consult the product label for specific crop recommendations and application rates to ensure safe and effective use.

Can Adama Acemain Insecticide be tank-mixed with other insecticides?

Yes, Adama Acemain Insecticide can be tank-mixed with compatible insecticides to enhance pest control or broaden the spectrum of pest management. Always conduct a compatibility test before mixing products and follow label instructions for proper tank-mixing procedures.

What is the rainfastness of Adama Acemain Insecticide after application?

Adama Acemain Insecticide exhibits good rainfastness once it has dried on the plant foliage. Avoid applying immediately before heavy rainfall to ensure the insecticide has sufficient time to be absorbed by the plants.

Does Adama Acemain Insecticide have any restrictions on re-entry intervals (REIs) after application?

Follow the specified re-entry intervals mentioned on the product label to ensure worker safety and compliance with regulatory requirements. Adhere to these intervals before re-entering treated areas.

What is the shelf life of Adama Acemain Insecticide?

Adama Acemain Insecticide has a stable shelf life when stored under recommended conditions. Refer to the product label for specific storage instructions and expiration dates to maintain its efficacy.


Adama Acemain Insecticide, powered by ACEPHATE 75% SP, offers a potent solution for effective pest control. By providing broad-spectrum pest control, systemic action, and long-lasting residual activity, Adama Acemain empowers farmers to manage pests efficiently and maximize crop yields.