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Syngenta Cultar: Nurturing Plant Growth with Paclobutrazol 23% SC


Plant growth, Syngenta Cultar, featuring Paclobutrazol 23% SC, emerges as a key player. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of Syngenta Cultar, shedding light on its features, applications, and the positive influence it can have on your crops.

Syngenta Cultar: A Plant Growth Revolution

Embark on a journey to understand the fundamentals of Syngenta Cultar, a plant growth promoter enriched with Paclobutrazol, a growth-regulating compound.

Unveiling Paclobutrazol's Influence

Syngenta Cultar harnesses the power of Paclobutrazol, a growth regulator that modulates plant hormone levels, leading to controlled growth and enhanced flowering.

The Advantages of Choosing Syngenta Cultar

Embrace the benefits of Syngenta Cultar for superior plant growth and a more robust harvest.

1. Compact and Sturdy Plant Structure

Experience enhanced plant structure as Syngenta Cultar promotes shorter internodes and increased stem thickness, resulting in more robust and compact plants.

2. Uniform Flowering and Fruiting

Witness a synchronized flowering and fruiting process, leading to a more uniform and bountiful harvest. Syngenta Cultar optimizes the timing of these crucial stages.

3. Increased Stress Tolerance

Give your crops the resilience they need. Syngenta Cultar boosts stress tolerance, allowing plants to withstand adverse conditions and thrive in challenging environments.

Application Guidelines for Syngenta Cultar

Master the art of applying Syngenta Cultar to unlock the full potential of this plant growth promoter.

Optimal Concentration and Timing

Achieve optimal results by following recommended concentration guidelines and applying Syngenta Cultar at the right growth stages. Timing is crucial for maximizing its benefits.

Soil Drenching Technique

Explore the benefits of soil drenching, a technique that ensures direct root absorption of Paclobutrazol. This method enhances the distribution of the growth regulator throughout the plant.

Syngenta Cultar in Action

Step into the shoes of successful farmers who have witnessed the transformative effects of Syngenta Cultar.

Success Stories: Real-Life Impact

Discover real-life testimonials from farmers who have experienced remarkable improvements in crop health and yield after incorporating Syngenta Cultar into their agricultural practices.

FAQs About Syngenta Cultar

Q: Is Syngenta Cultar safe for all crops?

Yes, Syngenta Cultar is formulated to be safe for a wide range of crops, providing growth regulation benefits without compromising plant health.

Q: How frequently should I apply Syngenta Cultar?

Application frequency depends on factors such as crop type and growth stage. Generally, one to two applications per season are sufficient for optimal results.

Q: Can it be used in organic farming?

Syngenta Cultar is not certified for organic use. It is designed for conventional farming practices, providing efficient growth regulation.

Q: Does it affect the taste of fruits or vegetables?

When used as directed, Syngenta Cultar does not negatively impact the taste or quality of fruits and vegetables. It focuses on optimizing plant growth without altering flavor.

Q: Can I mix Syngenta Cultar with other fertilizers?

Syngenta Cultar is compatible with many fertilizers, but it's advisable to perform a compatibility test before combining products. Ensure the products work synergistically to benefit your crops.

Q: Is Paclobutrazol harmful to beneficial insects?

When used as directed, Paclobutrazol in Syngenta Cultar has low toxicity to beneficial insects, making it a suitable choice for integrated pest management.


Syngenta Cultar, enriched with Paclobutrazol 23% SC, stands as a reliable partner in optimizing plant growth. Elevate your agricultural practices and witness the flourishing results as your crops thrive under the regulated and nurturing influence of this potent plant growth promoter.