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Cultivating Excellence with Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide (Oxyfluorfen 23.5% EC W/W)


Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide, a dedicated solution for onion crops. This guide unveils the composition, applications, and benefits of Tata Honcho, emphasizing its role in safeguarding onions from unwanted intruders.

Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide: Shielding Onions with Oxyfluorfen 23.5% EC W/W

Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide is fortified with Oxyfluorfen at 23.5% EC W/W, providing a robust defense against various threats. Let's delve into what makes Tata Honcho an essential component for onion cultivation:

Unveiling Oxyfluorfen 23.5% EC W/W

  1. Oxyfluorfen (23.5%): A selective herbicide, Oxyfluorfen acts by inhibiting the photosynthetic process in target weeds, ensuring focused and effective weed control.

Advantages of Using Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide

  1. Selective Weed Control: Tata Honcho specifically targets and controls weeds, ensuring the well-being of onion crops.
  2. Residual Activity: Oxyfluorfen's residual activity provides extended protection, preventing weed resurgence for a sustained period.
  3. Crop Safety: Tata Honcho is designed to be onion-friendly, safeguarding crop health and minimizing the risk of phytotoxicity.

Applications of Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide

Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide finds its application in onion cultivation across various scenarios:

  • Pre-Emergence Application: Apply Tata Honcho before weed emergence to establish early control.
  • Post-Emergence Application: Use Tata Honcho for targeted weed control after onion emergence.
  • Weed Spectrum: Effective against a broad spectrum of weeds, including grasses and broadleaf weeds.

How to Use Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide Effectively

  1. Dosage and Dilution: Follow recommended dosage guidelines based on weed types and crop stage.
  2. Application Timing: Apply Tata Honcho at the right crop stage to maximize weed control efficacy.
  3. Spray Coverage: Ensure thorough coverage of weeds while minimizing contact with onion foliage.
  4. Tank Mixing: Check compatibility before tank-mixing with other products and conduct small-scale tests.


Can Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide be used in organic onion farming?

Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide is a synthetic herbicide and is not considered suitable for organic farming. Always adhere to organic farming standards and regulations.

Is there a waiting period after Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide application before harvesting onions?

Check the product label for specific instructions regarding the waiting period between application and onion harvesting. Follow recommended guidelines to ensure food safety.

Can Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide be used on other crops?

Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide is specifically formulated for onion crops. Avoid using it on other crops without proper testing and confirmation of compatibility.

What is the rainfast period for Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide?

The rainfast period can vary based on weather conditions. Refer to the product label for information on rainfastness and make applications when rain is not expected shortly.

Is Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide safe for all onion varieties?

Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide is generally safe for use with different onion varieties. However, it's advisable to conduct small-scale tests on a few plants before widespread application.


Tata Honcho Onion Herbicide (Oxyfluorfen 23.5% EC W/W) emerges as a reliable ally in onion cultivation, providing targeted weed control and ensuring the health of onion crops. Its selective action, residual efficacy, and crop safety features make it an essential component for onion farmers seeking to enhance crop yield and quality. Integrate Tata Honcho into your onion cultivation strategy and witness the flourishing of healthy and robust onion crops.