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Tata Grosmart: Nurturing Growth with Gibberellic Acid (0.001% L)


Tata Grosmart, a potent plant growth regulator infused with Gibberellic Acid at 0.001% L. This guide unveils the science behind Gibberellic Acid and how Tata Grosmart plays a crucial role in promoting robust plant growth and development.

Tata Grosmart: The Gibberellic Acid Revolution

Tata Grosmart is formulated with Gibberellic Acid at 0.001% L, a key player in regulating various physiological processes in plants. Let's delve into the aspects that make Tata Grosmart a trusted companion for fostering plant health and productivity:

Unraveling Gibberellic Acid (0.001% L)

  1. Gibberellic Acid (GA3): A naturally occurring plant hormone, Gibberellic Acid regulates growth and development processes, including seed germination, stem elongation, and flowering.

Advantages of Using Tata Grosmart

  1. Enhanced Elongation: Gibberellic Acid promotes stem elongation, allowing plants to reach their full potential in terms of height and structure.
  2. Stimulated Flowering: Tata Grosmart encourages the initiation and development of flowers, contributing to improved reproductive success and yield.
  3. Improved Fruit Development: The application of Tata Grosmart can lead to more uniform and robust fruit development, positively impacting crop quality.

Applications of Tata Grosmart

Tata Grosmart is suitable for various crops, including:

  • Fruits: Enhances the growth and quality of fruits such as grapes, citrus fruits, and melons.
  • Vegetables: Promotes uniform flowering and fruiting in vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.
  • Cereals: Aids in achieving optimal plant height and structure in cereal crops like wheat and barley.

How to Use Tata Grosmart Effectively

  1. Application Timing: Apply Tata Grosmart during critical growth stages, such as the early vegetative phase or just before the onset of flowering, to maximize its impact.
  2. Dosage and Dilution: Follow manufacturer recommendations for the correct dosage and dilution based on the crop and growth stage.
  3. Foliar Spray: Apply Tata Grosmart as a foliar spray, ensuring thorough coverage of plant surfaces for effective absorption.


Can Tata Grosmart be used in organic farming?

Tata Grosmart, containing synthetic Gibberellic Acid, may not align with organic farming standards. Always check and adhere to organic certification requirements.

What is the recommended frequency of Tata Grosmart application?

The frequency of Tata Grosmart application depends on the crop, growth stage, and environmental conditions. Follow recommended intervals to achieve optimal results.

Does Tata Grosmart have any adverse effects on plant health?

When used as directed, Tata Grosmart generally poses minimal risk of adverse effects. However, it's crucial to follow recommended application rates and guidelines to prevent potential issues.

Can Tata Grosmart be tank-mixed with other fertilizers or pesticides?

Check the product label for information on compatibility before tank-mixing Tata Grosmart with other products. Always conduct a small-scale test to ensure compatibility and efficacy.


Tata Grosmart, enriched with Gibberellic Acid at 0.001% L, emerges as a key player in promoting plant growth and development. Its ability to stimulate elongation, flowering, and fruiting positions Tata Grosmart as a valuable tool for farmers aiming to enhance the vitality and yield of their crops.