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Technical Content: Profenophos 50% EC

  • Jashn It belongs to a group called Organophosphate. It controls wide range of harmful chewing and sucking insects.
  • It is a proven ovicide. It effectively controls the Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, White fly and Boll worms.
  • Jash being broad spectrum it affords control over all sucking pests and foliar feeding larvae.
  • It is basically used as an acaricide giving excellent control of mites on a variety of crops.
  • It exhibits ovicide cum adulticide actions.
  • Fast knock down action with long lasting residual activity.
  • Less waiting period between last spray and harvest.

Mode Of Action: Profenofos is a neurotoxin acting as a cholonesterase inhibitor in insect nervous system.

Crops: All Crops, Tea- 200ml/acre

Dosage2ml/ Liter