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Tata Blitox Fungicide: Shielding Crops with the Power of Blue Copper (50% WP)


Tata Blitox Fungicide. This guide unveils the potential of Blue Copper (50% WP) and how it plays a pivotal role in safeguarding crops against a spectrum of fungal threats.

Tata Blitox Fungicide: Unveiling the Potential of Blue Copper

Tata Blitox Fungicide is a strategic solution that harnesses the power of Blue Copper. Let's delve into the features and advantages that position Tata Blitox as an indispensable tool for fungal disease control:

Understanding Blue Copper

  1. Blue Copper (50% WP): An effective fungicide, Blue Copper works by disrupting the cellular processes of fungi, preventing their growth and spread.

Advantages of Tata Blitox Fungicide

  1. Broad-Spectrum Fungal Control: Tata Blitox demonstrates efficacy against a wide array of fungal diseases, offering comprehensive protection for various crops.
  2. Preventive and Curative Action: Tata Blitox acts both preventively and curatively, making it a versatile solution for managing existing infections and preventing future outbreaks.

Applications of Tata Blitox Fungicide

Tata Blitox proves effective in:

  • Cereals and Grains: Shields crops like wheat, rice, and barley from common fungal threats such as rusts and smuts.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Protects fruit-bearing plants and vegetables from diseases like anthracnose and downy mildew.
  • Cash Crops: Ensures the health of cash crops like cotton and sugarcane, preventing fungal infections that can compromise yield.

How to Use Tata Blitox Fungicide Effectively

  1. Application Timing: Apply Tata Blitox preventively during periods conducive to fungal disease development or at the first signs of infection for optimal control.
  2. Dosage Guidelines: Adhere to recommended dosage guidelines based on the crop, targeted diseases, and severity of infection to ensure effective disease management.
  3. Application Method: Tata Blitox can be applied as a foliar spray or through other suitable application methods, ensuring thorough coverage for maximum effectiveness.


What is the re-application interval for Tata Blitox Fungicide?

The re-application interval varies based on factors such as the crop, prevalent diseases, and environmental conditions. Consult the product label for specific guidelines on re-application intervals.

Is Tata Blitox Fungicide harmful to beneficial organisms?

Tata Blitox is generally considered safe for beneficial organisms when used according to recommended guidelines. However, it's advisable to minimize spray drift and follow integrated pest management practices.

Can Tata Blitox be tank-mixed with other fungicides?

Tata Blitox is compatible with certain fungicides. However, it's crucial to conduct a compatibility test before tank-mixing with other products to avoid any adverse effects.


Tata Blitox Fungicide, enriched with Blue Copper, stands as a reliable defender against fungal diseases, ensuring the vitality and productivity of crops. Integrating Tata Blitox into your disease management strategy can lead to resilient and disease-free harvests.