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UPL Sweep Power Herbicide: Unleashing the Potential of Glufosinate Ammonium


UPL Sweep Power Herbicide. This guide unravels the power of Glufosinate Ammonium, the key ingredient in UPL Sweep Power, and how it ensures a weed-free landscape for healthy crop development.

UPL Sweep Power Herbicide: Fortified with Glufosinate Ammonium

UPL Sweep Power Herbicide is a dynamic solution that utilizes the strength of Glufosinate Ammonium. Let's delve into the features and advantages that position UPL Sweep Power as a crucial tool for weed control:

Understanding Glufosinate Ammonium

  1. Glufosinate Ammonium (13.5% w/w SL): A non-selective herbicide that effectively controls a broad spectrum of weeds, Glufosinate Ammonium inhibits the enzyme crucial for plant growth, ensuring targeted weed control.

Advantages of UPL Sweep Power Herbicide

  1. Broad-Spectrum Weed Control: UPL Sweep Power demonstrates efficacy against a wide range of annual and perennial weeds, offering comprehensive weed management.
  2. Quick Action: The herbicide acts swiftly, showing visible effects on weeds shortly after application, allowing for rapid and efficient weed control.
  3. Flexible Application: UPL Sweep Power is versatile and can be applied to various crops, ensuring adaptability to different agricultural settings.

Applications of UPL Sweep Power Herbicide

UPL Sweep Power is suitable for use in:

  • Field Crops: Controls weeds in crops such as corn, soybeans, and cotton, promoting unhindered crop growth.
  • Orchards and Vineyards: Safeguards fruit-bearing plants from weed competition, ensuring optimal fruit development.
  • Non-Crop Areas: Manages weeds in non-crop areas, providing clean and weed-free spaces.

How to Use UPL Sweep Power Herbicide Effectively

  1. Application Timing: Apply UPL Sweep Power when weeds are actively growing and before they reach maturity for optimal control.
  2. Dosage Guidelines: Adhere to recommended dosage guidelines based on weed type, crop, and growth stage for effective and economical use.
  3. Spray Technique: Utilize appropriate spray equipment to ensure uniform coverage of the target area, maximizing the herbicide's effectiveness.


Is UPL Sweep Power Herbicide rainfast?

UPL Sweep Power exhibits good rainfastness after application. However, it's recommended to allow sufficient time for the herbicide to dry before rainfall.

Can UPL Sweep Power be tank-mixed with other herbicides?

Yes, UPL Sweep Power is compatible with certain herbicides. However, it's essential to conduct a compatibility test before tank-mixing with other products.

What is the pre-harvest interval for crops treated with UPL Sweep Power?

The pre-harvest interval varies depending on the crop. Refer to the product label for specific guidelines on the pre-harvest interval for each crop.


UPL Sweep Power Herbicide, armed with Glufosinate Ammonium, emerges as a potent ally in weed management, ensuring that crops thrive in a weed-free environment. Integrate UPL Sweep Power into your weed control strategy to witness enhanced crop performance and yield.